Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Unfortunately, I have to raise my prices a little. The ink cartridges are too expensive. I'm trying to be creative on how I'm going to do it. Here is what I'm thinking...would love feedback.
The traditional blocks can remain at $5/block if they are just prints, patterns and a stamped letter. If someone wants character blocks or photos on their blocks, then I have to raise the price to $6.00 a block.
The 4"x4" blocks I raised the price to $29.00. It's all that printing that is adding up!
Of course we could demand lower cartridge prices and then all be happy. lol.

One thing is really great though. I am learning how to run a business effectively. I am getting busier now and am able to calculate my costs, and time so much better. I really feel like God is helping me get organized and ready for Christmas too. I'm super excited about Christmas!!
I've been working on some ornaments. I'm also doing a craft show November 7th and I'm trying to get ahead with some blocks to sell there!

Thanks for praying you guys. My family and good friends who advertise for me, you are so special to me. I appreciate it so very much. You just can't know. I'll take care of you! :)

Here are some blocks and block ornaments I've been working on. Please visit the website or facebook for additional photos.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The News!

I remember in 11th grade we had to watch the news for two weeks straight for homework. I thought, "who on earth wants to watch the news?" Somewhere between then and now I started watching it, quoting it, and anticipating it even. Somehow we get older, all of us. Going for walks seems nice and watching birds becomes interesting. When did it happen? I saw some girls look at me, the same way I looked at mom's with kids when I was young. It got me thinking and then it got me laughing. What a crazy thing.

So much going on in the news lately and I have started to wonder what is the point of watching it. Isn't that grand! It's a new thing I figured out how to do in my life. I just don't watch it, I turn it off.

Granted it has backfired some. I found out a week too late about the junker car cash offer the government was handing out. We have a junker, that might have worked for us, oh well.
Someone else seemed truly shocked that I didn't know swine flu had made it to my county. lol Hey my kids don't have it and so no harm done.

All the other news I get is from facebook, you know little opinions and snippets. All in all, I'm liking not watching the news. The best part of not watching the news is thinking that my old high school self would think I'm pretty cool right now! lol

Ok, here are some new blocks I did recently. The wedding block is $30.
The case filled with blocks is $60
The blocks by themselves are $5/piece. If you add photos to the blocks they are an additional $2 a block.