Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Record!

The last three days we have had snow!
Nashville had a blizzard. Lisa (my northern friend, and about the only person who comments on my blogs) laughed when I told her we had six inches of snow. She is from Indiana and thinks it's funny I refer to it as a blizzard. Schools have closed down. Even though it hasn't snowed in three days, there will be no school tomorrow. My challenge is renewed for yet another day. What do I do to keep the kids from boredom? We have gone crazy with crafts and baked too many goodies. We are now out of eggs, so we made those yummy no bake cookies. Haha...eggs will not stop this sweet tooth. I shall overcome. That said, there is no more food to eat tomorrow. I guess I will have to sit by the window and watch my husband chip away at our sleeted driveway, so we can get out. Here are a couple pics of my littles playing in the snow.

Speaking of my husband, I presented the idea of making our "middle room/guest room" into a play room. Like a lot of other home related subjects that I do the work for, he said "sure". Here was the clincher. Since I was going to empty out the room.....may be he might want to paint it. If we were not snowed in and experiencing serious cabin fever, this request would have been rejected instantly. Lucky me, the snow stayed another day. He smiled. He knew he was cornered, no where to run...literally.

The room is finished and fabulous. I'm not sure where we are going to put the guests...but the girls will have a room for all their "STUFF." It's this awesome green paint called "Sag Harbour" from Lowes. I shall post some pics...but to be honest my camera is downstairs. I'm up. Do you see my dilemma. Don't forget, I worked my "what I like to believe is a" little patootie off today.

So we have a record of snow and another record. I think this is my second blog in a week. spite of the weather, my productivity has increased! My goal is to post pictures tomorrow? I dunno, this might be too lofty a goal for me. We'll see.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gosh It's been forever!!!

I'm not very good at keeping up with this. I have an excellence issue and if I don't do something well, I just want to be rid of it! lol
It's a new year...goodness. Last year was fun but this year shall be more fun. I'm sure of it! I intend on taking the lengths necessary to make it so.

My husband and I are full time working from home. That is grand!!!!! I feel blessed and excited!
We are also working on our CD right now. Creativity is in full bloom at the Perry house!

I'm wanting to put some Alphabet Block Sets on Ebay and would love to know whether you think that is a good or bad idea. I've heard both and that leaves me confused. I guess it can't hurt to try it...

Here is some cute blocks I worked on this week for a woman that is doing up her nursery. She was fun to work with. I actually snagged this photo off of her blog. Thanks Renee!

This week, I'm working on a set of 12 blocks that have letters on all sides. It will be more of learning tool. It has some really cute giraffes. I'm better about posting pics to facebook. I'll do that in the next day or two.
Got some LOVE blocks for Valentines day....super cute!
I'm also working on tons of Birth Announcement Blocks and that makes my day. I get to see the cutest pictures ever of treasures fresh from heaven. So cool....

That'll be all I suppose. Blessings to ya sweet folks!