Saturday, August 29, 2009

Divine Inheritance!!!


Today there are over 100,000 child soldiers in Southeast Asia

According to The Asian Wall Street Journal one third of the 300,000 child soldiers in the world live in Southeast Asia. Yet, "live" is a relative term. Due to political and ethnic instability, conflict is widespread and children and their families suffer. Boys and girls as young as 6 years old are forced into local ethnic armies where they are trained as soldiers for guerrilla warfare. Their purpose: to serve and defend the drug lords of the area at the cost of losing their parents, families, homes and even their own lives.

Divine Inheritance exists to rescue these precious children

We take orphans out of hopeless situations and care for them. We labor in restricted access regions of Southeast Asia, where children are truly at risk, so we do not publish the specific locations of these children in order to protect them. We give them shelter, food, clothing, education, spiritual care and love.

We train these children to become leaders in their society. Some of them will work on tea plantations, others as teachers or government leaders. Regardless of their future positions, we train them to enjoy walking in God’s ways. In every aspect of life they learn to carry a spirit of excellence and to create positive impact on the regions they live in.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lisa's Blocks!

Making blocks for my best friend while talking to my best friend was just fun. There were no order forms. It was like in the olden days but with a telephone. I'd get to the next step and say, "Lis, what color do you want this? or "Which font?" LOL.
I've decided that's the way to do it from now on with people who I know.
I like these blocks because they are the first 2"x 2" blocks I've done with photos. The photos are all Sepia in color and that always look nice with the brown I use. Black and White look nice too. Color looks nice too....heck, it all looks good. Anyway, they spell out JORDAN with my new font!

I'm heading to a couple stores tomorrow. One store here in Spring Hill Tn said I could put some example blocks in, with my card. The other store, I'll be asking them if I can display some. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My little girl is going to Kindergarten. I've been a mess all week and I really thought I wouldn't be this way. It doesn't help that she is having difficulty adjusting...but we are only a few days in. She said to me, while crying in that pitiful dramatic way little girls do, "mamaaaaa, I want to be homeschooled." When I asked her what she didn't like about school, she said "I don't like to wear shoes all day, I don't like a nap, I don't like to listen and be quiet, and I don't like to wait in the car line." Well....she has given it a lot of thought eh? Like I said, we are only three days in!

Any way, I tried to show her how proud I was of her by making some blocks! It helped...for a day. Today we rewarded her for going to school with ice-cream. That took way less time. haaha Thank you Sonic! I don't remember getting rewarded for going to school....Mom???? help???

So, here is my first, "First day of Kindergarten" block! I reccommend anyone who needs a quick one! lol. On the front is a photo (backpack and all) On the side is a note from us. On the other side is her name, date, and school name. $30.00
The traditional name blocks are an additional $20.00

It's time for me to go to bed now.....and pray for a little less drama in the morning!
Hope you enjoy the video of my crazy girls! Love them!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chocolate Cake! Best Recipe EVAH!!!

I just had to share this. Oh my Sweet Goodness! This is the most requested cake recipe in 100 years for Better Home and Garden's Cookbooks.

Two Sticks of Butter
8oz of Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate
1.5 cups sugar
6 eggs
1 cup cocoa

You will need a double boiler or a make-shift one with two pots.

You need an 8" Spring Form Pan. You will spray pan, cut out wax paper for the bottom of the pan and spray that as well!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

On the top boiler, melt two sticks of butter and 8oz of semi sweet baking chocolate
Once melted stir in 1.5 cups sugar
Whisk in six eggs ONE EGG AT A TIME.
Slowly whisk in 1 cup of cocoa powder

Whisk until smooth and then pour into your greased Spring Form Pan.
Bake at 350 for 40 minutes. Top with fresh fruit and whip cream or ice cream. MMMMMMMM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Items for Sale

I have had some fun lately experimenting with different I hate to have them all lined up in my house so I am eventually going to add a "Sale" page to my site. For now though, I'm going to offer them on by blog. Here are some blocks I have done. The first is my "Man" Block. It would be a great gift for an Engineer or someone who works/own a music studio. All the little words are part of that worlds lingo. I would be more than happy to personalize it with a company or personal name...etc... The block is $18 instead of $25. This block is 4"x4"

The next, is a set of three "dice" blocks. They are 2"x2" and they have the words "love", "life" "laugh" "dream" and "hope" on them. They also have a really cool modern vintage thing going on. I envision them to look really good next to some books in a library or something like that. I would normally sell these for $25, but the price is $15! I really like these.

Ok, I also have a "Dove" block. It is blue on crackled paper. It is pretty much perfect. The only thing wrong with it is the bottom right stamp is slightly smudged. :( I'll sell it for $10.00 instead of $15.00) If you also want the angel block which turned out great, the set will be sold for $20.00) These are 4" x 4".

These prices would not include shipping. That would be additional. If you would like one or all, you can contact me here, or by email.
Thanks Amigos!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I have a friend. Yes, I know that is funny to some, but it is true! :) I'm going to brag on her a bit for her talent is just crazy. She is a photographer and took some pictures for me. Her name is Allison Hendrickson (.com) She has an ability to take photos that are magical and make you 'feel' something you didn't just seconds before. I love when she releases new photos. I just stare at them.

She snapped these out in like two minutes for me. They are so good, I just want to delete every other picture I took with my camera. Please check out her website and recommend her to your friends. She doesn't just shoot weddings, she can shoot anything! I might be a little prejudice, but she is THE BEST!

I did update my site with a couple photo's I've received of little kiddos and their blocks. I put an album under "Photo Gallery". I'd love to add more. Check it out!

The birth announcement blocks in these photo's are $25 piece. The "LOVE" blocks are $20.00.
Editing photo's is not included in the price. These photos were sent to me this way. The photo on the top has a vintage nursery book theme. The Birth Block on the bottom has cherry blossoms and is very simplistic in style.

Don't forget to check out:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kids and Blocks!

I was awake in the night and had a great idea! I get so much joy over seeing kids playing with the blocks I made, I decided I'm going to add a page to my website of just that! I can go and look at it anytime I want! :) Of course, I realize some parents would prefer me not to post pictures of their child. I will honor this big time!
However, I won't disclose any details outside of the photograph. If you want to send me a photo of your "beautiful little" playing with blocks, I'd love to add it! Thanks!!!
This little man is the cutest isn't he? I went to lunch with a friend and just had the most fun watching him eat his french fries! lol.

I'll let you know when I post the new page!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gift Certificates

I hope buying blocks has just gotten easier! I'm so excited about doing gift certificates. I think this will make it easier for people wanting to buy for showers, or for long distance friends. It will allow the giftee to pick out colors and discuss options with me personally! They can create their own little piece of history and have you to thank for it!
The gift certificates come in $25 increments. You can pay with PayPal, with a check or a money order.