Sunday, October 17, 2010

Did I really bring up the Holiday Season before Halloween?

So much news!! I'm super excited about an upcoming Craft show right outside my front door in Spring Hill at the Elementary school. I've been making all kinds of sets that include Nativity, 12 Days Of Christmas Ornaments, Baby Gift Sets, Boy and Girl children Alphabet Sets, Faith/Hope&Love Sets, princess ornaments, Sesame street play blocks, puzzles...and more!!!! Yep, if you throw a little in here and there with each batch it adds up! ;) If you are local, come and see me! I'd love to meet you! (OCT. 30th 8-4pm at Spring Hill Elementary School)

I have officially picked up. This last week, and the week prior, I nearly doubled my regular weekly sales. I'm super pumped about the Holidays this year. I have given up my social life...not sure if anyone has noticed yet though. lol
The sooner the better for Holiday orders. Because I have to depend on UPS to ship my blocks, I have to have an early cut-off date for ordering. November is a great time to order because when December gets here, I may have a break down...just kidding...kinda...of course not...well..just in case, it's best to order in November or the first week of December, or now. ;)

Personalized Ornaments are so cute and so very special. They are my favorite thing in the whole wide world to make and they look darling hanging from a tree. I made too many last year and now have the most beautiful tree ever. ha! They are $12 each and include a name, the year and a photo.

Remember, 15% profit from each sale goes to support the efforts in Haiti through the end of the year! I am absolutely thrilled to send off that check!

Blessing and Huge buckets of Joy to all of yoU!

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