Friday, January 21, 2011


A friend told me it's been a very long time since I blogged. Indeed it has. Christmas this year literally kept me spinning solid for about 5 weeks. I've never experienced anything like it. Fatigue mixed with excitement and delirium set in. My husband would ask me what we were at with sales and I had no idea. In fact I didn't look until December 18th when we mailed out the final shipment. It would have been the final plate thrown in the air that broke the rest had I taken a moment to add it up. LOL
It was a record month, in fact I've never sold or made so many things in such a short time ever in my life. My kids watched entirely too much tv, and couldn't have been happier. My husband started cleaning and cooking more, and I got to create. I miss Christmas. haha

I'm back on track now with new ideas and inspiration for this new year. Early this month I was able to send a check out to Haiti and it renewed my vision for NCB. I am so excited about all the new ideas bouncing around in my head. I feel it will bring in revenue from new places and also support the branding I'm endeavoring to consistently create. Blocks have been such a blessing for me and for my family for nearly two years now. But what is more exciting to me is that through this blessing, we've been able to be a blessing. We've been able to support different amazing ministries in ways we weren't able to before. I'm excited about teaming up with Compassion Acts this year as well as continuing my support of World Hope Int. This last year NCB also took on a sponsor child through "My Father's House" in Africa. It is my hope to take on at least two more in 2011.

Necklaces and clips are new for me, but I'm so excited about adding a little variety into the mix. It also gives me an opportunity to make significantly personal things that are worn. The statement clips for little girls speaks to my passion to establish identity in the little sweet ones so that when media tries to lie to them about who they are, they won't believe it. ;) They will have been told every time their hair was done, who they are! ;)

I'm also trying to build up my store. Until now, it has not been used to it's full potential. I'm hoping, that by adding stock necklaces and statement/initial clips to the store, it will increase midnight sales. (That is when I do most my shopping. I used to have insomnia and my husband would wake up nervous when he found the wallet out on the coffee table. lol) I also like to have a product that doesn't require a form, and is easy to buy.

Well, in a nutshell that is an update. I have a lot on my heart to talk about in future blogs in the coming months. I've had some great experiences in life I'd love to chat about and I want to do some give-aways too.
As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Way to go Aimee! I love your heart and creativity! and I LOVE your new products!!!! Are they on your website? I'd love to post the link on facebook!

  2. Thanks friend! Yeah, they are on my site now. I appreciate yoU!