Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surrendered and Untamed Book Review

Last night I finished this book, "Surrendered and Untamed" by Jason Clark. I am stunned at how disappointed I was to be finished with it. I literally thumbed the page back over, and then over again. I went and read the introduction (which I had skipped) just to get more out of it. You know how it is, when you REALLY like a movie and you go watch the deleted scenes and commentaries and such. That is how I felt.

This book woke up the part of me that I love the most. That same part is cleverly placed into all of us. I'm sure of it, but it often gets lulled to sleep by TV, activities, social networking and work. This sacred part I can only describe as the most authentic, unique, visionary genius put into every fiber of our being. It is the part of us that literally is alive and wants to jump out of our skin to prove it. There is a line in Jason Clark's book that says, "The lion's come alive in me." That is exactly what it felt like to read this book. I felt this lion come alive in me and it could not be held back from living. We were made for beauty, not for existing, not for surviving. Sometimes it's easy to get stuck there though. It's so beautiful when something comes along that reminds you of who and what you are. Encouragement is a kindness of the greatest sort.

Reading this book was like remembering why I'm here and how to be HERE more. I want to be in the present with my kids, with my life..not always planning or multi-tasking. It's so easy to schedule our lives away and then be a slave to our own obligations we've created. The lesson learned in "Surrendered and Untamed" isn't blatant or in your face. It's written through the experiences of the author, experiences of the daily struggles, the little gems and the fun rides of his life.

My husband would crack up watching me read it. I'd get in my bed at night, pull my covers up and within a few minutes, I'd giggle a little. A few minutes later, I'd literally just slam the book down and take a deep breath and then cry. It is like reading someones journal, you know. Like being so acquainted with their journey that you can't wait to see how it turns out. Clark's revelation pours through each chapter, sometimes through pain, many times through hope. His journey is the one we are all on, learning how to live, learning how to trust, learning how to take risks, learning how to love. When he writes though, you know he has really lived it. His words, none of them feel empty or trite. I just loved that.

I want to risk more and love more. I want to jump out of my safe place and completely lose my way back to it. It's a scary thing to live that way, but I'm beginning to understand that the alternative is so much less than what I was made for. To settle for less than who I am, would devastate me. We truly only get one life here. Why is it so scary to believe? I'm starting to wrap my head around the crazy beauty of a truly surrendered and untamed life, living in the hands of one so great. We can trust, but will we? It's my heart and my legacy to trust radically.

If you read this book, write me! I so SOOO want to know your thoughts on it. I saw it on Amazon for less then $10. I'm pretty sure you can buy it online through Barnes and Nobles too. Thanks friends! I'm honored to share my heart with you guys...always! PS. Here's the Amazon Link. You can buy the book with a DVD and a study book, or just by itself. I'll be getting those here very soon. ;) I just read the book so far. Find them on facebook too. They post such great things. .

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  1. Wow I am so gonna have to read that book. It sounds like a good one. Glad you posted this.