Saturday, August 27, 2011


I started writing this blog awhile back with the intentions of writing about my blocks and such. The problem is, my facebook and website pretty much cover all my up-coming block news. I love making blocks, but I've discovered I don't like writing about them. :)I've often used this "block" blog to write about what's on my heart, my passion, and my God. I love God stories and I have so many of them that I haven't written here because it seems strange to put them all on my blocks blog. Sooo....I'm excited about closing this blog down and writing out my journey in a personal blog. I'd love to have you jump over to that ship, if you like.

The other thing about this blog is I never see when comments are left. I just found nearly ten comments that I never read. They were so encouraging btw, thank you! The new blog will notify me when a comment is left and I'm just really excited about writing there. So...come on!

Thanks for supporting my blocks too. I do write a few newsletters a year. These include new news, coupons, give-aways and changes. If you do want to keep up with some of that, I'd love to have you join my website as a member, or find me on facebook. I shall just be chatting it up everywhere. I was told as a child I have the gift of gab. It's true, I accept it with pleasure! My website is
Thanks y'all.

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